Five Tips for Stripping Your Business’s Floors Effectively

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If you want the floor of your shop to shine, you may occasionally want to strip off the existing wax, clean the floor and apply a new layer of mix. Stripping a floor can be time consuming and challenging, but with the right tips, you can handle it. Here are some essential tips to help:

1. Make sure you use the right type of stripper

When choosing a stripping product for your floor, make sure that you choose a product that works with the type of floor you have. For example, a stripper that works on a stone floor may not be appropriate for vinyl. In addition to the main stripping solution, also buy a can of spray for your baseboards.

2. Use tape to protect other flooring

So your solution doesn’t run into other areas, place tape on those areas. For example, run a strip of tape over doorways leading to offices or areas with other types of flooring. If you like, you may also use rolled up towels to prevent the migration of the stripper.

3. Remember to let the stripper dwell.

Once you have mixed the stripper with the water, liberally apply it the floor with a mop. Then, let it dwell on the floor. The longer you let it dwell, the more effectively it will penetrate the wax on the floor.

4. Hire a floor machine and wear non-slip shoes.

You can get on your hands or knees and scrub off the stripper with a sponge, but if you want to ensure the floor is cleaned as effectively as possible, you should hire a floor cleaning machine. These machines feature rotating pads on the bottom that scrub the floor as you move the machine along. As you walk behind the machine on the wet floor, the risk of slipping is pretty high. To help keep yourself upright, wear non-slip shoes.

5. Strip while your business is closed.

Because of the slipping danger that can occur, you should strip your floors when your business is closed and you don’t have customers or employees milling about. If that is not possible, make sure that you place safety cones and warning signs around the area where you are working. No one should work on this area until you are done using the machine and you have removed the rest of the water with a shop vac or a power squeegee.

If you want more tips on stripping your floors or if you’d like to hire a professional to handle it for you, contact a commercial cleaning company.


How to Really Clean Your Carpet for a Healthy Home

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There’s more to keeping a carpet clean than perfunctory vacuuming every so often. Vacuuming alone cannot reach deep into the fibres to get rid of all the dirt and germ build-up in your carpet, though it’s certainly helpful in maintaining the carpet between deep cleanings.

Importance of professional cleaning

Professional cleaning is mandatory to ensure that the carpet fibres are adequately cleaned – in fact, most carpet suppliers require that your carpet be professionally cleaned every one to two years, or else your warranty will be voided (confirm here, here and here).

Aside from the warranty, professional cleaning at least twice a year is recommended to improve indoor air quality. If you have pets or live in a dusty place, this should done be more often – as often as 6-8 times a year! Without proper cleaning and maintenance, your carpet can contribute to making your indoor environment much worse than the air you breathe outside. This is a problem particularly for vulnerable family members – the young, the old and the allergy-prone.

How to vacuum properly between cleaning visits

Now, this isn’t to say that vacuuming your carpet isn’t important; in fact, it’s one of the best methods to keep the carpet clean by yourself. Below are tips to help you make it count:

  • Vacuum at least once a week, more frequently in high-traffic and/or dust-prone areas. This prevents debris from building up and cutting your carpet fibres.
  • For wall-to wall carpeting, move furniture every so often to reach every nook and cranny. A tip is to divide the  floor into sections and handle each at a time before moving on
  • Vacuum slowly to allow the suction to draw out as much dirt as possible – especially if you wait long between cleanings or you have plush rugs. Pass the vacuum over every section multiple times.
  • Use overlapping strokes and change direction of vacuuming to capture as much dirt as possible
  • You can add some baking soda to the vacuum bag to prevent odour build-up

Take out the rug during good weather (when you have strong hands around). Shake it up and beat with a broom, then leave it to air in the sun for a day before replacing it.

Special considerations

You can use soil retardant products, but these should be done by a professional using the right equipment. They are best used on freshly-cleaned carpets or new carpets following installation.

Clean spills immediately to get the best shot at clearing them completely. Scrape or blot the area to remove as much spill as you can. Use a cleaning solution (ensure that it’s allowed for the type of carpet you have), but avoid vigorous rubbing which may spread the stain. Instead, spray the solution then blot it carefully, working from the outer edges into the middle of the stain. Stack some dry towels and hold down with something heavy to suck out all the moisture.

Three Reasons Why Homeowners Also Need Professional Pressure Cleaning Services

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Various cleaning duties in many homes are often rightfully taken on as DIY jobs. This is because they, at times, require professional skill to carry out. Pressure cleaning your outside walls, the roof, gutters, screened pool enclosures, or even outdoor barbeque pits, however, sometimes requires a bit more expertise and machinery. It is not uncommon to hear homeowners complain of having pressure cleaned these areas to rid them of dust, mildew, leaves or just mold, and the result was not that satisfactory. 

Professional pressure cleaning service providers attribute these failures to three main reasons:

Wrong equipment

Most homeowners use the electric pressure cleaner-or the gas engine models when cleaning these areas. That type of cleaner, however, simply does not provide enough power to achieve successful cleaning. They are best suited for cleaning cars, small boats or patio furniture.  Extensive surfaces or surfaces that are extremely dirty require more power or more “cleaning units” as it is commonly referred to in the pressure cleaning world. Some roofs require high-pressure rigs while some walls will require extensible cleaning wands to reach tough regions. Even home-grade pressure cleaners have specific requirements to meet regarding nozzle size and angles. Professional pressure cleaning service providers ensure that the right equipment for each type of job is available. They also ensure that the equipment is used properly to deliver the best results. 

Wrong chemical usage

Bleach may at times ruin your pressure cleaner. Home grade cleaning detergent isn’t always sufficient for cleaning siding. There are specific detergents designed for washers and pressure cleaning. Sometimes, pre-treating mildew with a mixture of liquid bleach and mildewcide applied using a separate tool helps clean severely mildew infested surfaces.  All the above and more cover the various chemical mistakes homeowners make when pressure cleaning.  Wrong chemical use will always result in a poor finish. Professional pressure cleaning service providers have the right chemicals for various surfaces, mix the chemicals in the right proportions, and carefully use the chemicals to clean your surface. The result is far better than your average home detergent and spray nozzle option.

Careful cleaning

Pressure cleaning can result in many unforeseen problems that leave homeowners further disgruntled. Windows, for a start, should not be directly sprayed with water jets. They may break or loosen. The same applies to light fixtures because of electricity mishaps. Siding can also collapse if hit by a high-pressure jet.  Stand carefully on the ladder. It is not an easy job operating a pressure washer with both hands while several feet in the air. All these are some care requirements during pressure cleaning that many homeowners aren’t aware of. To be on the safe side, why not let the professionals do it? 

Various Advantages of Mattress Steam Cleaning

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Although people will typically use their mattresses on a daily basis for a significant stretch of years, not many actually put a thought into keeping them clean. Granted, mattresses are large and bulky, thus the thought of having to manually clean it on your own can be quite daunting. However, these items accumulate a range of dirt, dust, skin cells, bacteria and more over time, which penetrate deep into the mattresses. Additionally, they also begin to look soiled and stained over time. Instead of having to worry about washing the mattress on your own and having to wait ages for it to dry out in the sun, you should consider enlisting the services of mattress steam cleaning professionals. Here are some of the advantages of choosing these services rather than opting to undertake this colossal task on your own.

Mattress steam cleaning eliminates pest infestations

One of the main pests that will take residence in mattresses are dust mites. These organisms are minute, thus making them difficult to detect with the naked eye. Although dust mites are inherently harmless, large numbers of them lead to allergic reactions such as a blocked nose, difficulty breathing and more. This is because you begin inhaling their faecal matter and dead bodies that remain in the mattress. Another pest that regular cleaning will not annihilate is the bedbug. Dealing with a bedbug infestation can be quite stressful and frustrating as these creatures are resilient. The best way to get rid of them would be to opt for professional mattress steam cleaning as the high temperatures work toward killing the pests before they are vacuumed out of your mattress.

Mattress steam cleaning eliminates unsightly stains and odours

Your mattress can acquire stains and odours for a variety of reasons. Typically, most people will spend a significant amount of their day in bed, and this will inevitably lead to staining due to skin oils and other bodily fluids. However if you live with house pets or children, chances of acquiring stains increases due to the bedwetting, food spills and more. You can try to camouflage stains with clean sheets, but odours are not as easy to hide. Opting for professional mattress steam cleaning services makes you better placed at reclaiming your mattress’ former glory.

Mattress steam cleaning enhances the longevity of the mattress

Professional mattress steam cleaning ensures that all dirt and debris is eliminated from the different layers and fibres of your mattress. This decreases the chances of the mattress becoming decrepit before its time, hence protecting the shelf life your investment.

5 Product Packages That Can Be Re-Used to Reduce Waste

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There are many pieces of packaging and items that people know require recycling, and you might already hire a skip bin to do so. Plastic bottles, aluminium cans, newspapers, jars and containers — the list goes on. But often the same things we recycle or dispose of can be repurposed, up-cycled, and re-used around the home. Below are 5 pieces of everyday product packaging that could come in handy and enjoy a new lease on life, saving you money and also helping to save the environment. How many of the following have you reused?

 Wine Bottles

As well as decorative vases, wine bottles have been used in lining garden paths. Simply dig them into the soil with the base exposed above the ground, or pour cement around them to secure them, adding a mosaic pattern in a garden path. An old wine bottle also makes the perfect container for homemade olive oils infused with lemon, herbs or chilli. Simply add a custom tag with string and you’ve got a homemade gift that’s ready to go.

Milk Bottles and Cartons

Simply cut the base of a plastic milk bottle on a diagonal line, grab the handle and use it as a custom made scoop for potting mix or kitty litter. Also, pierce the base of a plastic or paper milk carton and plant them into garden beds around flower and herb patches. Then fill the carton with water and you have a slow and steady irrigation system to hydrate your hydrangeas. Milk cartons also work well as jumbo ice cubes to keep your Esky cool for longer.


Extra, extra! In case you didn’t already know, newspaper works well as a glass cleaner and serves as the perfect base to start a fire, but there are many other uses for old newsprint worth considering. Line garden beds with newspaper before you add soil to act as a buffer for weeds, and keep it handy for wrapping gifts or breakables before storing them. Newspaper also works when wet to shine stainless steel. 

Egg Cartons

Ever wanted to grow seedlings by the windowsill? With just some seeds, soil and an old egg carton you can create an easily transportable micro herb garden. When herbs get big enough, there’s no need to remove them from the carton. Simply cut out the individual cup and plant them in the ground — the paper material will eventually breakdown.

Egg cartons are also the perfect material for a craft-ernoon with kids. Stick or draw eyes on them to make the cup a face and piece their base to attach wire or pipe cleaner antennas. Egg cartons also work well as a makeshift paint palette, perfect for mixing and separating different colours.

Jam Jars and Glass Containers

Perfect for tea light candles and storing foods, jams and other condiments always consider reusing glass jars before disposing, which are also extremely useful from an organisational and storage perspective. Whether in the workshop or shed, home office or pantry, they are perfect for displaying odds and ends including pencils, crayons, pins, buttons, screws as well as bolts and other hardware. When arranged creatively, a row of glass jars filled with interesting and colourful items can also add a touch of style to the home. Jars also serve well as drinking tumblers and small vases. 

Before you recycle, consider reusing the packaging. Especially before undergoing a spring clean, as these examples show, often the ability to repurpose old products and packaging is limited only by the imagination.

Tips When Hiring Rug Cleaning Services

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End of lease cleaning is a nightmare for every homeowner in Australia. However, if you want to have your bond back, you have to ensure the house is left clean. Some of the items that require thorough end of lease cleaning are rugs or carpets. Be it your own bought rog or one that came with the house when you leased it, keeping floor rugs clean is essential in every home.

Rug cleaning can be a tedious chore which luckily, you do not have to undertake on your own. There are many companies offering rug cleaning services. Before hiring one, you should consider a few factors:

Preferred cleaning method

There are various methods used in cleaning rugs. You need to determine the most suitable one for you before hiring cleaning services. The most common methods are;

  • Steam cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, steam clinic involves pressurized hot water into the carpet. The hot water effectively loosens the dirt, after which, a cleaning machine is used to draw the water and moisture away. Steam cleaning requires longer drying time for the rug.

  • Shampooing

In this method, a foamy chemical is sprinkled generously on the carpet and scrubbed using a motorized circular brush. Since there is no extraction of dirt as with steam cleaning, the rug must be thoroughly vacuumed to remove the soil and residue. The rug will also take longer to dry using this method.

  • Dry cleaning

This method of rug cleaning uses no water. An absorbent chemical product is sprinkled on the rug, and then a mechanized brush used to dissolve the soil. The residue is then drawn up by commercial vacuum cleaning equipment. This method allows faster drying of the rug compared to steam cleaning and shampooing.

Before hiring a cleaning company, you should confirm they have the necessary cleaning equipment and solutions for your preferred method. The chemical cleaning agents used should be approved by the rugs’ manufacturers and environmental friendly.

Thorough research

It is important to investigate all prospective companies before hiring one for rug cleaning services. Credibility of the company and its employers is a very essential factor. Remember, you will be letting strangers into your home. Only hire a company that screens its employees and conducts criminal background checks. A good company should also be able to compensate for any damage caused by their employees during the cleaning process.

Cost of services

In as much as you may want to save money, the cheapest company may not offer the best cleaning services. Make the decision based on quality first and then consider price as a secondary option. However, get a quote on the price to be charged by the cleaning company and have them tell you the services included in the quote. Extra services such as moving furniture before and after rug cleaning might cost you more.

Contact a company such as Jet Carpet Cleaning and Services to learn more.

Removing A Urine Stain From Your Carpet

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The yellow colour and unmistakable odour of a urine-stained carpet doesn’t create the most welcoming environment for guests, but if you have a child who is toilet training or a young pet, urine stains can be difficult to avoid. You can buy stain removal products, but they tend to be laden with toxic chemicals. Formaldehyde is one such chemical that’s commonly used in cleaning and stain removal products despite it being linked to the development of certain cancers.

Your choice isn’t limited to living with unsightly carpet stains or exposing your family to toxins. Here’s how to remove urine stains from your carpet with safe household products:

Removing Urine From Your Carpet

As with all stains, it’s best to tackle a urine stain as soon as possible. The longer the stain remains on the carpet, the harder it is to get out. Blot a fresh urine stain with a dry cloth to get as much of it out of the carpet as you can before it beings to dry in. If the stain has already dried, spray the carpet with warm water to loosen the stain and then blot it with a cloth to soak up as much moisture as you can.

Next, use distilled white vinegar, which is a natural disinfectant, to remove bacteria from your carpet. Simply spray the vinegar onto the affected area of your carpet and rub it in with a cloth, but avoid scrubbing too hard as this can damage the carpet fibres. Using small circular motions with your fingers and working from the outside to the middle of the stain will help prevent it from spreading.

While the carpet is still damp, pour soda crystals over the affected area. Soda crystals are a powerful odour neutraliser and stain remover. They soak up the stain and leave your carpet smelling fresh. Once the soda crystals are completely dry, which can take a couple of hours, simply vacuum them up and you should have a clean, dry carpet underneath.

This method works well on fresh to moderately old urine stains, but long-standing stains typically require professional stain removal. If you come across an old stain or move into a home with a severely stained carpet, hire a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean the carpet with a combination of steam and wet vacuum cleaners with industrial grade suction power. Most professional cleaners now provide environmentally-friendly products on request, so ask them to use cleaning products that won’t harm your family’s health. 

Is Air Duct Cleaning Value For Money?

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Air ducts are synonymous with most Australian homes and are used for purposes of effective distribution of both warm and cool air inside the home. In recent times, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the need to maintain these systems. This may be attributed to the increasing concerns regarding the link between indoor air pollution and negative heath effects such as respiratory diseases and allergic reactions. However, from a purely financial perspective, this article analyses whether or not air duct cleaning presents value for money as far a homeowner is concerned.

What is air duct cleaning?                                     

Duct cleaning entails the extensive cleaning of the different parts of your HVAC unit by specialised cleaning contractors. Each of these parts of your air conditioning unit will likely gather all manner of rubbish over time, which has an effect on the actual performance of your HVAC system.

Reasons for air duct cleaning

Significant energy savings

Majority of HVAC systems in most homes run particularly inefficiently, squandering almost half of the electrical energy utilised. Normally what happens is that contaminants including debris and dust particles build up inside the air ducts and other components of the systems, especially the filters, and end up exerting significant strain on your heating and conditioning system. As a result, your HVAC system is forced to work a lot harder to perform the same cooling and heating function inside your home. This, as you might expect, increases the system’s rate of energy consumption, which leads to skyrocketing monthly energy expenses. Professional air duct cleaning services help get rid of these contaminants on a periodic basis, allowing them no time to build up. As a result, your system is bound to use less energy which translates into reduced monthly energy bills. If you calculate these energy saving costs on an annual basis, you will begin to appreciate the positive effect of periodic air duct cleaning.

Prolong the lifespan of your heating and cooling system

Build-up of debris and dust particles not only leads to high energy consumption rate but also accelerates the premature deterioration of the different parts of your HVAC system. The additional pressure applied to the system coerces its components to work a lot harder and eventually they don’t reach their designed lifespan. What follows are constant breakdowns leading to repairs and, in worst cases, a total replacement of your HVAC system may be deemed necessary. The money used to perform the constant repairs may even total the purchase of a new system altogether. Air duct cleaning, which is very cost-effective, serves to extend your system’s lifespan by getting rid of dirt build-up, saving you plenty of cash on repair and replacement costs in the long run.

It’s important to remember that cleaning services can also be beneficial to businesses, and companies like SKG Pty Ltd specialise in providing services to the commercial and industrial industries.

How to Choose the Right Type of Industrial Cleaning Process

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Industrial cleaning is different than standard cleaning services provided for offices and commercial facilities, as an industrial facility may have rust, oil, sludge, sawdust and other such particles that need to be cleaned from surfaces. An industrial facility may also be very large, so the solutions and products used in cleaning need to be considered if they will create run-off of any sort. You typically cannot simply mop up after an industrial cleaning as you would when cleaning an office.

While an industrial cleaning company may offer you some solutions for the type of cleaning that is needed, you may need to make the final decision as to the method they use, or you may want to invest in the equipment so you can handle cleaning in-house. Note a few tips on how to make the right choice.

1. Sand blasting

Sand blasting is often used because of the caustic nature of the sand, which can more readily remove contaminants that are stuck on metal and other parts, such as rust or grease. Sand may also reach crevices and cracks in materials and equipment and can leave a smooth surface behind. The downside to sand blasting is that the sand itself needs to be removed once the clean-up is finished, which may involve vacuuming of some sort. This can add time and expense to the process.

2. Water blasting

High-pressure water blasting is a good cleaning method when detergents or other chemicals need to be added to the cleaning solution. If you’re cleaning equipment that needs to adhere to certain health codes, such as for medical or food handling, water blasting can be the best solution. Certain detergents and washes can be added that are safe for food and medical equipment, and there is no residue left behind. Water is also a good choice where there will be excess run-off as it’s safer for the environment than sand, dry ice and many other forms of high-pressure cleaning.

3. Vacuum cleaning

High-powered industrial vacuums are good for areas with built-up contaminants that cannot simply be rinsed away. A vacuum can remove large quantities of sludge, oil, dust and other such debris that are not safe for the environment, which may cling to surfaces even when blasted, and for when the debris is in quantities too large for blasting. The contaminant can then be safely disposed of once removed.

In some cases, vacuum cleaning can be followed by sand or water blasting for a complete clean-up. This will ensure no residue of the contaminant is left behind.

Contact a business like Delron Carpet Cleaning Service to learn more about industrial cleaning solutions.

Hiring a Skip Bin – Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are going to be involved in a cleanup job or a renovation around your home, you will need to have some place to put all of the refuse. A skip bin is ideal for this, and you can get many different types from a skip bin hire company, depending on what you need. If you have never used a skip bin before, you may have questions about using it.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about skip bin hire:

What can You Put into a Skip Bin?

You can put most of your household waste into a skip bin. This includes most garden waste, paper and cardboard, and even bricks and stones, depending on the type and size of the skip bin you are using. You may not put hazardous materials into a skip bin. These can include, but are not limited to: electrical equipment (televisions, stereos, computers, etc.), fridges and freezers, tyres, paint, batteries, solvents, liquids, oil, asbestos, medical waste, florescent lighting tubes, plasterboard, and other toxic materials.

If you are unsure about anything that you want to put into the bin, contact the skip bin hire agency or your local environmental department to learn more about what you can and cannot put into a skip bin.

What is Included in the Skip Bin Hire Price?

The price you pay for a skip bin hire is simply to have the bin delivered for your use, and then picked up and dumped. You do not have to pay for any labour expenses, and you can arrange to have the bin for as long as you need it. Normally, a typical rental period is a week to 10 days, but you can have it for less or more time, depending on your needs.

Does it Cost More to Dispose of Heavy Items?

If you are disposing of heavier items such as furniture or building materials, you can expect to be charged a higher disposal fee, as disposal fees are set according to refuse weight and not volume.

Does the Skip have to be Right on Your Property?

If you don’t have a lot of driveway space, you may be wondering where you are going to be able to set up your skip bin. You can put the skip bin on the road in front of your home, but you will need to get permission from your local council. The largest bin that you will be allowed to have is eight yards. The cost of the permit will depend on regulations within your municipality.